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Just what is the state of business presentations in 2010? Eyeful's Business Presentation Survey results to be announced

Eyeful Presentations, the leading presentation consultancy in Europe and North America, will announce the eagerly awaited results from their recent global survey of 250 corporate presenters on their use of PowerPoint and other presentation technologies.

The findings will be presented in two upcoming webinars in the UK and North America. The 2010 survey was carried out as a follow up to Eyeful’s initial survey in 2007. Analysis of the findings will examine just how PowerPoint and other presentation technologies are used, and in many instances misused in the business world.

“We’ve seen a lot of positive changes since our initial survey back in 2007. The phenomenon of Death by PowerPoint is recognised by businesses globally and some are making concerted efforts to address it head on,” commented Eyeful’s Managing Director Simon Morton.

“That said, it would seem that there is still a lot work to be done in some areas. This year’s survey gives us a clear indication of progress in the last three years along with the impact of new presentation technologies such as Google Presentations and Prezi.”

The two webinars will be delivered on the 3rd August. Spaces are limited for the two events and interest levels following the survey are very high so the events are expected to be fully booked.

“Here at Eyeful, we speak to people every day who struggle with all the elements of a successful presentation. This will be the first time that the industry has voiced it’s opinion for three years so there’s a real buzz and anticipation” continued Morton “There’s no doubt that the use of different presentation technologies has grown in the last 3 years. These results give us a real indication of how this growth has shaped how we use presentations in our companies, from the traditional boardroom environment to new online and social media applications.”

To learn more about the webinars and register visit here

About Eyeful Presentations –
In the Spring of 2003, Simon Morton founded Eyeful to provide presentation services to businesses looking to improve the way they share information with their most important audiences – their prospects, customers, employees & shareholders.
The company firmly believes that key to their success is their unique approach of addressing the entire presentation process through their “Presentation Optimisation” methodology. This holistic approach ensures that clients’ presentations are made more effective, not just “prettier”.

Their work varies from high impact conference decks through to interactive credentials and pitch presentations – all created in PowerPoint to ensure complete flexibility and control by the client. This approach of “open source” presentation development mixed with ground breaking design means that Eyeful now boasts an impressive client base including major corporations like Microsoft, Adobe, American Express and Coca-Cola.

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