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Following Microsoft’s acquisition of (Zurich), the developers of the IP Telephony product e-phone® in November 2005, F1 Consultancy Ltd. announces today that standalone e-phone® product continues to be available in the UK and Ireland. Based on Voice-over-IP technology, e-phone® integrates telephone functions into Microsoft’s Outlook email package, turning office email systems into complete communications centres that, in addition to email and fax, also flag incoming calls in users’ inboxes, and enable users to click on entries in their contact books to initiate calls.

e-phone® supports all the features one would expect from a conventional phone system plus provides advanced features such as voice mail, unified messaging, CTI and voice recording.

e-phone® software can be installed with just a few clicks of a mouse, with all relevant user data such as name, email address and phone number stored in existing Microsoft...

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