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Internet Central Secures YMCA

North Staffordshire YMCA has turned to IT Company Internet Central to provide a bespoke safe and secure Internet and communications infrastructure. This latest client win is one of many recent high profile clients for Internet Central who earlier in the year worked with the IT team at the Glastonbury Festival.

Internet Central has worked closely with the IT team at the YMCA to put in place an internet and communications infrastructure that is safe and secure for both the YMCA staff and users of its facilities.

The YMCA work with many vulnerable young people in North Staffordshire and one of the many services it provides is internet access to allow young people to access educational resources, job search opportunities, support networks and other agencies.

The North Staffs YMCA also recognises that young people use the Internet as a way to communicate and to express themselves through social networking sites and blogging and recognises that it has a legal and ethical responsibility to provide a safe environment online.

As a result, the North Staffs YMCA has worked closely with the team at Internet Central to design an infrastructure capable of providing creative access whilst discouraging damaging or illegal content.

Internet Central’s expertise has enabled the YMCA to partition its internet access into well-defined “zones” for staff, students and residential customers. Each zone is designed to provide appropriate access. For example, social networking for staff is allowed between predefined times, streaming media content is restricted for residential customers during certain hours and obscene content and illegal file sharing sites are all blocked using specialist filtering products managed by Internet Central.

IT Security was a key criteria of the work carried out by Internet Central for the North Staffs YMCA but at the same time it was important that good connectivity was also established. A considerable amount of sensitive data is held on the organisation’s servers across several sites and to protect this Internet Central provided specialist high security hardware, firewall solutions and expertise to protect data from outside intrusion.

The work for the YMCA though hasn’t stopped at IT security. Internet Central has worked closely with the organisation on all aspects of its communication technology.

Communication between the various North Staffs YMCA sites has also been made easy by employing Internet Central‘s IC-AIR products to link together its networks to provide fast, stable connections between sites for both data & voice applications.

Remote access to the North Staffs YMCA facilities is also provided for staff by secure encrypted VPN facilities designed by Internet Central’s security consultants.

The latest VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) internet based telephone technology has also been utilised through the use of Internet Central’s IC-Talk system. Using the IC-Talk server along with the IC-Air solution, the North Staffs YMCA can now manage all of its telephone requirements centrally at a fraction of the cost of more “conventional “systems. The North Staffs YMCA can also manage the system themselves without the costs of expensive support contracts and the inconvenience and cost of outside engineers.

Roy Henney YMCA IT Consultant comments: “The North Staffs YMCA wanted a communication partner that was not only based locally but could assist with all the organisation’s requirements. We chose Internet Central as our partner because of its unparalleled levels of expertise and support. All of Internet Central’s solutions integrate perfectly together to provide a single point of contact for all our technical challenges.

Dave Thorpe Internet Central Operations Director comments: “Working with the YMCA on this innovative project is very important to us. The YMCA is an important organisation both nationally and in this region and it was important to gain the right balance of security and freedom within the communications system. It was a challenging project but we have created a tailored solution for the YMCA of a new, resilient and safe internet and communications environment, and forward-looking IT strategy."


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Editors Note:
About Internet Central Limited
Located in Staffordshire, Internet Central was founded in 1995 and was one of the first dedicated Internet Service Providers in the UK.

The company specialises in, and is focused on providing high quality connections and hosting services at a realistic price. They do not sell loss leaders or for market share but provide quality and reliability of service.

In January 2001 Internet Central was awarded an individual 'non-PTO, with code powers' telecommunications licence by the DTI. This licence enables Internet Central to build its own communications infrastructure independently from other licensed operators. As a result they can provide low cost connectivity and resilient circuits - allowing flexible solutions to customers with a high level and quality of service.

Internet Central is a member of the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) and Reseaux IP Europeans (RIPE) and is actively involved with the DTI and Radio communications agency ensuring that they keep up to date with the industry and, where appropriate, help shape it for the future.

Internet Central is able to provide an extensive portfolio of products and services - including VoIP and e-commerce solutions.