Funny Films, Walks, Chocolate and Sex! The Nation’s Antidotes to Blue Monday Revealed

A sexual wellness company is challenging the nation to turn the ‘Blue’ in Blue Monday on its head, by taking to our beds for a little self-care. The company,, carried out a survey with 1000 men and women to find out their preferred antidote to the third Monday in January, which has become known as the ‘most depressing day of the year’.

It seems, according to the research, that our number one choice as a nation to cheer us up when we feel down is a funny film (29%) this is followed by a walk (28%) and a bar of chocolate (26%). In fourth place (24%) was sex/an orgasm. Founder, Shelley Morelli, believes we’re missing out.

She explains: “January can be a tricky month for some. We’re all feeling the pinch, it’s cold and it’s easy to feel low after the highs of the festive season. But {{ the fact that more of us would reach for a bar of chocolate than our partner is damming, to say the least! }} 2018 is all about self-care and it doesn’t get more literal than this. We want to encourage people to turn this day into one of positivity and fun, and maybe even inject a little lust into the proceedings.

“Reconnecting with your partner is a fantastic way of boosting endorphins. It’s free and contains no calories making it the perfect antidote to the January blues. Of course you don’t even need a partner to make the most of this free endorphin rush, so there’s no excuse for missing out.”

The original Blue Monday formula, devised in 2005, was calculated using a series of factors in a mathematical formula including: the weather, debt level (amount owed versus ability to pay), the amount of time since Christmas, time since failing our new year's resolutions, low motivational levels and the feeling of a need to take charge of the situation.

The research backs up a number of stereotypes, with a third more women choosing chocolate as a remedy (30% of women versus 21% of males), nearly twice as many women as men preferring a chat with a friend (31% compared with 16%) and retail therapy being a far more female oriented pass time (20% versus 10% of men).

Looking at a city by city breakdown, the people of Glasgow and Southampton were the most likely to opt for sex/orgasm (31%), compared with Plymouth where only 16% of us would choose this as our preferred stress buster, instead preferring a tipple to take the edge off (33%).

A walk rated highest among the older demographic, with 34% stating that this would be their preferred antidote to Blue Monday and the younger respondents (18 - 34) were more likely to choose a funny film, followed by sex/an orgasm.

Morelli concluded: “This year we want to encourage everyone to embrace Blue Monday and turn it into something altogether more positive!”

Top five antidotes to Blue Monday
1. A funny film
2. A walk
3. A bar of chocolate
4. Sex/an orgasm
5. A chat with a friend

Notes to editors
The research was conducted by Censuswide, with 1920 respondents aged 18+ between 15.12.2017 - 18.12.2017 .The survey was conducted from a random sample of UK adults. Censuswide abide by and employ members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles.

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