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Rural broadband upgrades welcomed by e-learners

Recent approval for the upgrade of the UK’s rural broadband networks has this week been welcomed by leading providers of Distance Learning services.

The £530 million rural broadband scheme will improve web services in the country’s more remote areas, currently not seen as viable by commercial providers.

The upgrades are being rolled out throughout the country as part of Government plans to connect 90 per cent of homes to superfast broadband and ensure the rest have access to at least 2Mbps.

And, according to one leading Distance Learning provider, the news can only be good for Britain’s economy as well as many people’s quality of life.

Mike Verinder, managing director of the Distance Learning Centre, said: “People in rural communities want to develop their skills, gain new qualifications and improve their employment and promotion prospects.

“Many of our students – and new ones we’re sure will now come forward – will benefit from improved broadband, enhancing their ability to play their part in our nation’s economic regeneration.

Distance Learning already has many benefits for those living in rural communities, allowing them to access subject specific expertise and benefit from one-to-one tutoring that fits in with their own commitments and circumstances.
“Improved connectivity can only enhance that experience.”

Note to editors: To interview Distance Learning Centre MD, Michael Verinder, please email or call 0845 129 7238

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