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FLAT - an end to wobbly tables.

FLAT Pty - an end to wobbly tables.

Keep your dinner on your plate and wine in your glass!

An international company is promising its patented, multi award-winning product will put an end to the annoying and costly ‘wobbly tables’ problem in hospitality venues.
Revolutionary table-stabilising technology developed by FLAT fits into specially designed table bases, using hydraulic hoses and valves to instantly self-adjust, stopping tables wobbling – even on uneven surfaces.

Tables can also be moved from one surface to another where the system will adjust and lock again instantly. Also, using FLAT products, table alignment is quick and easy, removing the frustration of awkward ridges where tables meet.

It all means cafes, restaurants, bars, offices and other venues don’t have to waste time and money stabilising and aligning tables with folded paper, beer mats, napkins etc. dealing with complaints or giving refunds for spilt drinks and spoiled meals.

They can also increase capacity by utilising space where uneven floors previously made parts of rooms unusable.

The product works via a unique hydraulic PAD (Patented Actuator Device) technology located within the table base (also designed by FLAT) and secured using the FLAT PUK (Patented Undercarriage Key) – all of which presents a groundbreaking new approach to solutions for wobbly tables.

A patented product that solves these two very common, worldwide problems of aligning and stabilising tables has, predictably, attracted rapidly increasing global demand. So the company has made a significant investment in upgrading its online presence to promote the technology to a growing worldwide market.

FLAT’s new website – – has been designed and developed by leading UK digital marketing company, Fat Media, using its bespoke, advanced content management system and is compatible with mobile devices.

The new website includes an online calculator which provides proprietors in the hospitality industry with a guide to how much wobbly tables in their establishments could be costing them. Although this is only indicative, it is quite a surprise to see how much those irritating wobbles can cost the hospitality sector, particularly in relation to staff costs and untapped potential.

Other new features include a ‘Find a Distributor’ section that allows potential buyers of the tables and technology to find a local seller around the world.

Similarly, there are opportunities for potential resellers of the product to contact FLAT through the ‘Become a Distributor’ section of the website.

Current resellers of FLAT products will enjoy the newly revamped ‘Reseller Area’ which contains marketing support items and other useful materials. The new area provides thumbnail images of files for download plus streaming video.

International visitors to the site will benefit from learning about FLAT in their own language. Landing pages have been created in Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and French and provides users with a broad overview of the company, its technology and products.

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Editor’s Note:

For more information, or to arrange an interview or photo opportunity, please contact: Andy O’Donnell (FLAT’s Marketing Manager) by email –

FLAT Pty was founded in Sydney Australia where its head office is still located. Today the company also has offices in the UK, Hong Kong and Canada.