Northgate's location solutions to support national ‘e-fire' project

Northgate Information Solutions today announced that it had been selected to provide the location hub to support the ‘e-fire’ National Project, the fire and rescue service portal sponsored by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

The e-fire project is aimed at delivering internet-based services that improve fire safety, for example enabling householders to request a free smoke alarm online.

Northgate will supply its intelligent data hub, ‘Compass’, to ensure that all public requests through the e-fire portal can be routed quickly and efficiently to the correct service. Compass is a powerful address management application that is fully compliant with the BS 7666 standard, allowing users to store and view data associated with address records. It is already used by a number of fire and rescue services as their corporate Gazetteer.

Worth £117,000, the contract was signed with the project’s prime contractor, Parity Solutions Ltd, in June 2005.

The first phase of the project, enabling public requests to be made online, will go live in Spring 2006, and the portal is expected to be developed over time.

David Meaden, Managing Director of Public Services at Northgate Information Solutions, said today:

“We are delighted to be supplying location solutions to this innovative project to improve fire safety. Enabling the public to view information and submit requests online will deliver both efficiency and effectiveness to the fire and rescue service, and we look forward to the future development of the e-fire portal.”