West Midlands Police to improve handling of 999 calls from mobiles

West Midlands Police has chosen to work with Northgate Information Solutions to improve the handling of emergency calls made from mobile phones.

Control room operators currently receive the address details of callers who dial 999 from a landline. This is then used in the geographical information system (GIS) provided by Northgate. Through an interface with the force’s command and control system, also provided by Northgate, resources are then mobilised and directed appropriately.

This functionality will now be extended to the 999 calls made from mobile phones, using area information provided by the relevant network operator.

Northgate will also provide an enhanced interface between the GIS terminals and the command and control system, based on its data integration tool, Connect, to ensure that operators can quickly access all the information they need.

West Midlands Police will also benefit from:

 end-to-end project management
 full implementation and testing
 ongoing support and maintenance

David Meaden, Managing Director of Public Services at Northgate Information Solutions, said today:

“It is essential that control room operators can take decisions based on accurate information. In today’s world, this includes location information from callers who have had to dial 999 from their mobile phones.

“We are pleased to be continuing our work with West Midlands Police, helping them to make continuous improvements to service they provide for their staff and the local communities they serve.”