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Northgate chosen to help speed up Limerick Fire emergency response

Northgate Information Solutions today announced a partnership with Limerick City Council to provide a geographical information system for the control room of the Munster Regional Control Centre (MRCC), part of a wider project to improve the speed of response and efficiency of fire call outs.

Northgate’s solution will enable control room personnel to quickly obtain a visual summary of the availability of resources in an emergency, the provision of fire cover throughout Munster and any incidents already in progress.

For citizens of the Munster region, this means:

- a reduction in the time control room operators need to verify an incident’s location;
- reduced call handling time and a more effective way of cutting out duplicate calls;
- more accurate and rapid display of the time and details of an incident;
- fire crews able to deliver a faster emergency response.

Gerard O’Driscoll, ICT Project Manager at Limerick City Council, said today:

“As part of the ongoing development of the MRCC project, Northgate’s system is integral to service delivery. Simplifying the emergency call taking process reduces bureaucracy and enables us to provide a quicker, better service to all the communities within Munster.”

David Meaden, Managing Director of Public Services at Northgate Information Solutions, said today:

“Northgate is pleased to be helping all the fire brigades involved in the MRCC project to realise their potential and improve fire safety. Our cutting edge solution is tried and tested and will greatly assist in mobilising resources and managing emergencies.”