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Suffolk Constabulary to use NMIS to get to grips with performance

Northgate Information Solution has today announced that Suffolk Constabulary have become the 25th police force in England and Wales to have functionally accepted the National Management Information System (NMIS).

The system, developed by Northgate Information Solutions in partnership with the police, and allows forces to effectively monitor and analyse police performance to enable continuous improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

The solution will enable Suffolk to:
- Easily produce better performance management reports;
- Link together various strands of police data, unlocking valuable information through broader analysis; and
- Improve policing plans and deployment strategies using information from NMIS.

Dave Meaden, Managing Director of Northgate Public Services, said today:

“We are delighted to welcome Suffolk Constabulary on board. Information and knowledge should be core to UK policing activities. The intelligent use of information can free up resources, build on best practice and drive through performance improvement.

“Effective performance management involves understanding what has happened and managing what will happen. By taking action through analysis and feedback to proactively manage events rather than be led by them, real operational improvements can be made.”

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