Thirty seven police forces on board with NMIS

Northgate Information Solutions today announces that 37 police forces across England and Wales have functionally accepted the National Management Information System (NMIS).

The system, developed by Northgate Information Solutions in partnership with the police, allows forces to effectively monitor and analyse police performance to enable continuous improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

The solution enables forces to:

- Produce improved performance management reports;

- Link together disparate sources of police data, unlocking valuable information; and

- Improve delivery of their policing plans.

Alan Parker, Deputy Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police and Chair of the NMIS National User Group, said today:

“We are delighted that 37 forces have functionally accepted their systems and are beginning to realise the benefits of NMIS. Through working with Northgate, forces can undertake improved performance analysis and take action on the basis of accurate information - the essentials of modern policing.”

Dave Meaden, Managing Director of Northgate Public Services, said today:

“Information and knowledge are core to the business of policing. The intelligent use of information can free up resources and drive through performance improvements. We are delighted to be working with forces across the country on the roll out of this critical national programme.”