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Northgate launches 'Organisational Re-engineering' as solution

Following the runaway success of a prototype scheme with West Lancashire District Council, Northgate Information Solutions has launched its ‘Organisational Re-engineering’ (OR) solution as a full service.

OR is a unique methodology for achieving service delivery improvement, resulting in improved citizen interactions, improved internal efficiency, increased staff morale and, through a knowledge transfer process, the creation of a skilled team of internal practitioners equipped to apply OR techniques across the organisation.

OR was originally designed by Northgate as a results-orientated change management approach whilst working in a unique public private partnership with West Lancashire District Council. Using its background as a significant provider of Citizen Relationship Management, Housing, Revenues and Benefits, Planning, Trading Standards and other departmental solutions to over 90% of the UK’s Local Authorities, Northgate was able to combine broad principles of Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), Organisations and Methods (O&M), creative problem solving, systems analysis and Prince2 Project Management to create a model which is tailored to the environment in which it is applied.

Dave Meaden, Managing Director of Northgate Public Services, said:
“OR moves beyond the traditional process of business re-engineering and is aimed at 'changing for the best' and 'moving beyond technology'. Northgate’s task is to enhance public value through the intelligent use of people and technology, and OR is rapidly delivering citizens’ demands for better services and meeting government targets for public sector efficiency.

“Indeed, the success of the West Lancashire District Council re-engineering project has helped to gain national recognition, and has helped the Council to be recognised as excellent for customer access and focus. It was a logical step to roll out the solution as a full service.”

Bill Taylor, Chief Executive, West Lancashire District Council, added:
“With Northgate we developed a unique local authority business process re-engineering model aimed at meeting the public’s aspirations for tailored, value for money services now and over time.

“We have boosted quality and slashed costs at West Lancashire. Our first pilot has been so successful that we are now embarking on a council-wide strategy. With the potential for savings and efficiencies to be poured into frontline services, we simply cannot afford not to.”

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