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Greater transparency around speeding fines welcomed in Northumbria

Northumbria Safety Camera Partnership today announced the success of a local project to improve the transparency of the speeding fine process, following the roll out of a new online system.

The ‘Public Access’ system, provided by Northgate Information Solutions, allows individuals who have received a penalty notice for speeding to view all the evidence relating to it online and free of charge. Through logging on to the secure system, people are able to view photographs, speed and site details along with the calibration certificates of the speed camera.

The system was made available in a limited number of sites from October, and this month has rolled out to all areas covered by the Safety Camera Partnership. Users of the site have already welcomed the ability to access a wider range of information directly, and have voiced their support for the openness of the system.

Speaking today, Ray King, Project Manager for the Northumbria Safety Camera Partnership, said:

“Recent research has found that 85% of people in the area are supportive of the use of safety cameras, but we remain committed to giving people access to information on their use. We want to give people the opportunity to see for themselves how penalty notices serve a public safety purpose.

“The new service has also increased the number of visitors to our Safe Speed for Life campaign website, which seeks to educate drivers, and we are delighted to be working with Northgate to put transparency at the heart of the safety camera process.”

Dave Meaden, Managing Director of Public Services, Northgate Information Solutions, added:

“Speeding fines form a part of an effective road safety strategy, and safety camera partnerships across the country and now seeking to demonstrate openness and transparency in the operation of the system.

“Northgate’s online penalty notice software helps to speed up the service provided to the public through offering access to information at any time and reassures people about their use as part of a system of fair enforcement.”

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