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News Release - Midland Heart merges its technology with Northgate

Midland Heart, one of the top housing and regeneration groups in the UK, today announces that its partner Northgate Information Solutions, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions to the public services and utilities markets, has completed the roll out of a single financial and housing management system across the whole group.

Midland Heart was created in early 2006 by the merger of Prime Focus Regeneration Group and Keynote Housing Group. Under a contract worth £987,000 over five years, Northgate has now delivered a new, consolidated system, consisting of Oracle Financials and Northgate Housing Management System, which offers a range of benefits to Midland Heart, its staff and its residents, including:

· improved access to and consistency of key housing information and advice, enabling staff to improve the quality of services they provide to residents;

· enhanced management of property allocation and purchasing entitlements to give citizens greater choice;

· superior management and monitoring of homeless applicants and their requirements, helping to tackle and solve incidences of homelessness in the area;

· the use of wireless technology across the area, enabling staff to work remotely across neighbourhoods and improving Midland Heart’s interactions with residents;

· integration between the two systems, as well as Northgate’s ‘Front Office’ citizen-relationship management system to help provide high quality, customer-centred services;

· enabling staff to focus more on the needs of residents and other users of services – as well as delivering cost savings for Midland Heart;

· consolidated financial and performance management reporting.

Northgate’s experienced and highly competent team will also provide a full training and skills transfer service. This will ensure that Midland Heart staff become proficient in the new system, and able to provide an excellent service first time and every time.

Speaking today, Richard Clark, Chief Executive of Midland Heart, said:

“Midland Heart is passionate about communities and its vision is to become one of the best providers of affordable housing and community investment services. Working in a close and trusted partnership with Northgate has enabled us to unlock the business potential and maximise the efficient use of our technology and information systems – all with ultimate goal of delivering service excellence for our staff and residents.”

Joe Bradley, Managing Director of Local Government & Social Housing at Northgate Public Services, added:

“Our partnership with Midland Heart provides a strong foundation based on mutual trust and understanding from which we have been able to jointly address the business’s new requirements, as well as the future housing challenges that face the Midlands. The new, consolidated financial and housing management system demonstrates how technology can facilitate the continuous improvement of services for residents and lead to greater community well-being.”


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Notes to Editors:

Northgate Information Solutions is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions to the public services and utilities markets. Northgate’s task is to enhance public value through the intelligent use of people and technology and to share in the economic and social benefits that this brings.

In the UK, Northgate works with four out of five local authorities and every police force. Its systems are used in the management of over 1.5 million local authority and housing association properties; in the administration of more than £17 billion of revenues and benefits; and in electoral administration systems covering over 18 million people. Founded in 1969, the company has over 3,300 employees.

Formed through the merger of Keynote Housing Group and Prime Focus Regeneration Group, Midland Heart is one of the top ten housing and regeneration groups in the UK, and the largest based in the Midlands. Managing over 31,000 properties, Midland Heart is the group parent for Focus, Urban Heart, Focus Futures and Touchstone Housing. Midland Heart is passionate about communities and its vision is to create opportunity, enthuse residents and become one of the most efficient providers of affordable housing and community investment services.