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Northgate to take nine organisations mobile

Nine organisations serving over one million people are to take services out to their local communities through working in partnership with Northgate Information Solutions.

Having signed contracts worth a total of £650,000 with eight local authorities and one housing association, Northgate will roll out its ‘Intelligent Mobile’ system designed to bring public services closer to the communities they serve. It provides officers with access to detailed information, the ability to amend it, and the facility to automatically update the relevant systems without returning to the office.

Across a range of public services, from environmental health to housing and benefits, Northgate’s ‘Intelligent Mobile’ is already enabling staff to ensure access for all and to proactively deliver services to their most vulnerable communities.

Clients include Wandsworth Borough Council, which is implementing ‘Intelligent Mobile’ in its Building Control department. Melton Borough Council is also working with Northgate to implement a corporate system that will deliver mobile working for all the authority’s major departments.

Joe Bradley, Managing Director of Local Government & Social Housing at Northgate Public Services, said today:

“Today, citizens expect high-quality, personalised services to be delivered first time, every time. And public authorities across the country are taking steps to target hard-to-reach groups and ensure that services are accessible to all. For example, East Riding of Yorkshire Council has helped visiting officers from the Pensioner Benefit Help Team to speed up the payment of benefits by 25%.

“Mobile working can support the delivery of efficient and effective services through bringing these services out to our communities and by reducing time-consuming bureaucracy. We look forward to working in partnership with officers across a range of fields to deliver improved and innovative services to the public.”


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Notes to Editors:

1. Northgate Information Solutions is a leading provider of innovative services to the public sector and utilities markets. Northgate’s task is to enhance public value through the intelligent use of people and technology, and to share in the economic and social benefits that this brings.

2. In the UK, the company works with four out of five local authorities and every police force. Northgate supports public service transformation through sustainable performance partnerships. Its technology is used in the administration of more than £12 billion of revenues and benefits; in electoral administration systems covering 18 million people; to support the national system for reporting police performance; and in the management of over three million local authority and housing association properties worldwide. Founded in 1969, the company has over 6,000 employees.

3. Northgate has a long-standing business relationship with Kirona and has worked in close partnership to develop a number of ground-breaking Intelligent Mobile applications. Northgate is currently delivering Intelligent Mobile services to over 70 customers. The information can be accessed using tablet PCs, personal digital assistants or other mobile devices, and can operate over any communications network.