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Northgate offers extended service to Revs and Bens and Housing clients

Northgate Information Solutions, a leading UK provider of innovative solutions and services to the public services markets, today announces that it has strengthened its arrangement with Govtech, a specialist in automated data capture systems, to provide an extended service for local authorities and registered social landlords aimed at improving the efficiency of data processing whilst best serving the needs of some of the country’s most vulnerable communities.
Under a new framework agreement with Govtech, Northgate’s Intelligent Data Capture Service (IDCS) will offer clients wider opportunities to automatically capture, extract and validate content from completed forms and eliminate the errors that emerge from keying in data.
This agreement will bolster Northgate’s position in providing leading community well-being services aimed at supporting local authorities and registered social landlords in drastically improve their performance when dealing with Revenues, Benefits and Housing data, and enabling them to focus on improving citizen service and delivering increased efficiencies.
Key benefits of this innovative service include:

• the faster and more efficient processing of individual inquiries for citizens, encouraging greater confidence in their public services

• an automated system that leaves less paperwork for staff and provides administration and cost savings

Joe Bradley, Managing Director, Local Government & Social Housing at Northgate Public Services, said: “We are delighted to be strengthening our successful arrangement with Govtech to address the increasing challenges faced by local authorities and the public.

“Northgate is passionate about helping its public sector partners focus on the diverse needs of citizens by providing reliable and innovative services that cut down on unnecessary and needless administration and successfully deliver efficient and effective support to vulnerable communities.”

Jim Reilly, Chairman of Govtech Limited, added: “Our agreement with Northgate is the culmination of many months of close partnership working. Northgate has considerable experience working alongside local councils throughout the country to deliver efficiency improvements, and Govtech is determined to help contribute towards a first-class service that puts the public at its heart.”


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Notes to Editors:

1. Northgate Information Solutions is a leading provider of innovative services to the public sector and utilities markets. Northgate’s task is to enhance public value through the intelligent use of people and technology, and to share in the economic and social benefits that this brings.

2. In the UK, the company works with four out of five local authorities and every police force. Northgate supports public service transformation through sustainable performance partnerships. Its technology is used in the administration of more than £12 billion of revenues and benefits; in electoral administration systems covering 18 million people; to support the national system for reporting police performance; and in the management of over three million local authority and housing association properties worldwide. Founded in 1969, the company has over 6,000 employees.

3. Govtech Limited is an IT service company specialising in automated data capture. The Intelligent Data Capture Service (IDCS) is a hosted shared service, where private sector technical expertise and investment has created a secure, networked infrastructure that can be exploited by public service organisations to improve efficiency and focus more of their resources on front line services. IDCS can be adopted without disruption or major capital expenditure, and provides rapid returns on investment.
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4. Northgate’s Intelligent Data Capture Service has been extended to cover Single Person Discount Reviews and LA input documents.