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Hampshire Constabulary opt for Northgate’s innovative speed awareness service

Northgate Information Solutions, a leading provider of services to the public sector and utilities markets, today announces that it is has been selected by Hampshire Constabulary to provide a pioneering managed service – the first of its kind in the UK - for the force’s Safety Awareness scheme.

Northgate, working in partnership with specialist provider, DriveTech (UK) plc, will provide Hampshire with an end-to-end managed Driver Training Course Administration service designed to support the reduction of serious injury and deaths on Hampshire roads.

Drivers caught committing an offence covered by the scheme will be automatically offered a Safety Awareness Scheme course or receive a fixed penalty notice. Those who elect to go on the Safety Awareness course will benefit from a one day course led by the force. The course is designed to heighten driver awareness of the dangers of speeding to themselves and their families, as well as the consequences of speeding on the wider community. Northgate will manage the allocation and payment of course places and ensure that full and accurate records can be accessed by the force.

Hampshire Constabulary will benefit from:

- additional resources and enhanced services for educating motorists, designed to support its Safer Road strategy;

- more time to focus on targeting police activity and providing an intelligence-led patrol focus to tackle road safety issues, in line with the National Intelligence Model;

- improved efficiency and less paperwork as a result of streamlining central ticketing office processes;

- secure management of records, including all correspondence, course offers and attendance, to ensure that drivers have their penalty notice reinstated if they do not complete the course;

- a cost-effective solution based on variable fees according to the number of courses delivered.

Superintendent Mark Bradford who heads up Hampshire Constabulary’s Roads Policing Unit said today: “We are committed to the reduction of serious injuries and deaths on Hampshire’s roads and are proud that we have taken the steps to become the first force to use this innovative managed service. We believe that heightened motorist awareness will lead to a reduction of offences in Hampshire saving us further time in reduced enforcement.

“At 35mph you are twice as likely to kill someone as you are at 30mph and we need to ensure that regular speeders are made aware of this fact. The Northgate managed service will support us in providing motorists with the education that they need to take more responsibility for their safety on our roads.”

Ian Blackhurst, Managing Director of Criminal Justice & Public Safety at Northgate Information Solutions, added: “Pilot studies around the UK have shown that the courses, which tackle drivers’ attitudes to speed, have been successful in reducing re-offending. We are delighted to be working with Hampshire Constabulary to support the effective and efficient management of their Speed Awareness scheme and to promote the importance of road safety in delivering community well being for all the people in Hampshire.”

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Note to editors:

1. Northgate Information Solutions is a leading provider of innovative services to the public sector and utilities markets. Northgate’s task is to enhance public value through the intelligent use of people and technology, and to share in the economic and social benefits that this brings.

2. In the UK, the company works with four out of five local authorities and every police force. Northgate supports public service transformation through sustainable performance partnerships. Its technology is used in the administration of more than £12 billion of revenues and benefits; in electoral administration systems covering 18 million people; to support the national system for reporting police performance; and in the management of over three million local authority and housing association properties worldwide. Founded in 1969, the company has over 6,000 employees.

3. Since April 2006, police forces have been able to offer those who have committed an eligible offence the opportunity to attend a Speed Awareness course locally rather than receive a fixed penalty notice. Through an upgrade to Northgate’s fixed penalty solution, VP/FPO, qualifying drivers caught committing an offence covered by the scheme will be automatically offered a Speed Awareness Scheme course or receive a fixed penalty notices. Nearly one in four of all police forces now has benefited from the new upgrade.

4. DriveTech (UK) plc is one of the UK's leading providers of road risk management and driver assessment & education. The company works both with organisations whose employees 'drive for work' and with members of the public who are offered education, as an alternative to prosecution, by the police. To date, DriveTech has supported over 150,000 drivers through police educational programmes across the UK. DriveTech's vision is 'working together to eliminate road death and serious injuries' by providing the most effective and innovative solutions, using education and technology, to minimise risk for all road users.