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Leicestershire Constabulary iR3 initiative goes nationwide with Northgate

A pioneering and award-winning Leicestershire Constabulary initiative aimed at building public confidence, improving performance and creating efficiencies is now available to all UK forces at a time when building public trust in policing has never been so crucial.

The iR3 resource and demand system has been developed and evolved exclusively with the Force. Northgate Public Services is now the exclusive supplier and integrator of iR3. It is offering all police forces the opportunity to meet their strategic priorities and boost public confidence in their localities while improving performance and driving efficiencies and cashable savings.

Leicestershire Constabulary introduced the iR3 solution to improve service delivery and enhance public confidence in the work of the local police. iR3 enables the Force to focus on priority issues that matter most to local people and ensures that critical resources are used efficiently and effectively.

By linking demand – such as crimes and incidents – to resources, operational managers can effectively plan, monitor and manage a variety of policing activities, from critical response to patrolling strategies. Better decision-making and analysis leads to an improvement in desired cashable savings, efficiencies and performance.

With iR3 the Force has been able to deliver and demonstrate a new and higher level of transparency in policing by ensuring that the right resources are in the right places at the right time; by improving the balance between response and patrol to achieve improved outcomes in Neighbourhood Policing priorities and NIM Tasking; and by enabling local officers to consult and report to local groups on activities and outcomes linked to local priorities such as ASBOs and vehicle thefts.
Officers in Leicestershire can now confidently show neighbourhood groups and the wider public where officers have patrolled on a visual computer display. For the first time, the community has a direct input on local patrol strategy by being involved in setting the locations that officers patrol either by foot or by vehicle. This helps to deliver increasing public confidence.

The Force delivered dramatic improvement and emphatic results during its pilot phase in the North Basic Command Unit. There have been significant increases in visits to, and time spent at, priority locations and marked reductions in crime and anti-social behaviour including:

• police visits to crime hotspots up 286%
• time spent in priority locations up 545%
• anti-social behaviour down 50%
• emergency response times within 15 minutes up from 85% to 94%
• fuel consumption down by 21%
• fuel bills down 16%

Leicestershire Constabulary has now rolled out iR3 force-wide, focusing its emphasis on improving operational performance and delivering efficiencies, and is in the process of rationalizing its vehicle fleet to achieve impressive savings.

The project’s success has won recognition at the highest level. In his Independent Review of Policing 2008, Sir Ronnie Flanagan noted that the initiative has resulted in: “A dramatic reduction in self-deployment, substantially reducing multiple deployments and improving response times through automatic identification and deployment of the nearest available unit. Officer time spent in priority areas has significantly increased.”

Leicestershire Constabulary was also among the winners at this year’s ACPO Excellence in Policing Awards in September. Now in their second year, the Excellence in Policing Awards aim to encourage police forces across England and Wales to share the creative thinking and innovative solutions that are vital to making their limited resources go further and work harder.

Speaking today, Superintendent Jez Cottrill, a lead on the iR3 project at Leicestershire Constabulary said: “This is about putting accountability into visible action for the local community. Community representatives are now able to see our achievements on an interactive map on a regular basis. They can also have a say in where we patrol. We believe that forces up and down the country would gain dramatic benefits from its introduction, not only in the more efficient use of resources but in delivering more effective neighbourhood policing.”

Ian Blackhurst, Managing Director of Northgate Public Safety added: “The government’s White Paper on policing demonstrates the economic constraints facing the police over the next few years. Now is a time when police forces up and down the country have to deliver better for less. Through the introduction of iR3 police forces can rest assured that they will bring in sustainable, cashable savings over and above their initial investment. More importantly, they will improve police performance and help rebuild trust within their local communities, reaching out to those citizens most in need.”


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Notes to editors:

1. Leicestershire Constabulary provides a policing service to around a million people in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. With just over 2,300 officers and 15 local policing units, the force is responsible for an area covering over 965 square miles (2,500 square kilometres). Following the departure of Chief Constable Matt Baggott to head up the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the force is under the leadership of Temporary Chief Constable Chris Eyre.

2. Northgate Public Services is an innovative provider of transformation and improvement services to the public sector. It is committed to high quality public services that place individuals and their communities at their heart. Its knowledge and understanding of people’s needs are core to its business, as too, is its depth and breadth across public services.

3. Northgate’s task is to enhance public value through the intelligent use of people and technology; to understand why and what change is necessary; to provide new thinking leading to improved performance; and to link company rewards with positive outcomes for the communities for whom it works. It supports transformation through sustainable performance partnerships. In the UK, Northgate works with ninety five per cent of local authorities, every police force, and a large number of health organisations, housing associations, utilities and transport companies.

4. iR3 was developed by L&A Consultants. Specifically designed for the police and emergency services, iR3 was developed out of a pilot project with Leicestershire Constabulary which produced operational benefits and financial savings that significantly exceeded expectations and forecasts. iR3 is sold to police forces throughout the UK by Northgate Public Services which is the exclusive supplier and integrator of the system.