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Studio to Go! Summer Specials and Demo Version Now Available

24th July 2006, United Kingdom

Studio to Go! - the Linux Audio platform that runs on your Windows(tm) PC - is now available as a fully interactive downloadable demo.

Studio to Go! provides you with all the power of MIDI and audio sequencing, digital audio multitracking, effects (including VST support), notation editing and printing, percussion composition, audio editing and much much more in a complete bootable CD. Studio to Go! is based on Linux Audio technology and provides the user with a complete musical environment on their Windows(tm) PC without the need to install any software. You can take your Studio to Go! CD and a memory stick with you wherever you go. Alternatively you can install to hard disk (sharing it with Windows[tm] or any other operating system) and benefit from low latency and studio level performance.

The demo allows you to try Studio to Go! on your existing PC without the need for any installation. The software runs from the CD so you can check compatability with your sound hardware and try out this great software for free.

Studio to Go! v1.50 is available only from Fervent Software where you'll find the latest Summer Special offers including the Studio to Go! Summer Special Download Package including STG v1.50 Download Edition, the amazing Rosegarden Companion (183 pages) and a huge 512MB USB-2 pendrive all for the amazing price of £59.99 plus P&P.

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