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British Nurse Marcia Blackstock always dreamed of starting her own business, but her problem was finding a suitable business partner. She turned the problem itself into a business idea and launched what was believed to be the world's first online business partner matchmaking service in January 2003. During 2004 Marcia introduced a series of offline events. The revolutionary and innovative website is a strong contender for the 2005 BT-sponsored Information and Communications Technology Award.

In 2002, Marcia Blackstock, decided she wanted to go into business. She searched the internet to find some help ­ but could find none. So the Registered Mental Health Nurse decided to turn her disappointment into opportunity.
"I had always previously been a Mental Health Nurse," said Marcia. "I was looking on the internet for a business partner but had no luck."

So a year ago Marcia set up a service which runs along similar themes of a dating agency....

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