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Ignorance & Intimidation: 21st Century Car Maintenance

Nearly half of female motorists do not know how to check their car's oil and water levels and tyre pressures, while 81% find a trip to the garage intimidating, according to a new survey by

Although men felt more confident than women about taking their car to a garage, a majority (63%) still felt anxious when taking their car in for servicing or repairs.

Ignorance Isn't Bliss

Drivers' fears about garages could be linked to ignorance about how their car works, suggests

Of the 551 drivers questioned in the survey, 89% of men and women said that they would like to understand how their car works 'a bit better' then they do. Interestingly, this figure was virtually the same for men (88.6%) and women (89.2%).

Car Maintenance – The Sex Divide

Many women still seem to think that even the most basic of car maintenance is a man's job. Just 51.8% of women surveyed said they knew how to check the oil, water (coolant) and tyre pressures on their car, but 90.9% of men claimed that they had a firm grip on these basic and essential maintenance tasks.

Commenting on the findings, Roland Head, founder of, said:

"Knowing how to check the oil, water and tyre pressures on your car is an essential element of car ownership. These are not jobs that can safely be left unchecked between services – to do so is to invite problems."

"Flat tyres increase your fuel consumption are more likely to puncture, while a stealthy oil or water leak could end up doing catastrophic and expensive damage to your engine." has this advice for car owners:

1. If you don't already know how to check the oil, water and tyre pressures on your car, find a friend or relative who does and have them show you how. It isn't difficult and takes five minutes. Visit our car care guide to get started.

2. When having your car serviced or repaired, always ask questions if you don't understand what you are told. If the garage staff don't want to explain, take your car somewhere else next time.

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