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Countdown to launch of CheekyMoon™

Countdown to Launch of CheekyMoon™ – the UK’s first entertainment gaming website!

Win a million pounds or meet the CheekyMoonBabes™

CheekyMoon™ is set to take the UK by storm. This mischievous new website is packed with cheeky games for all the family (over 18) – from CheekyBingo™ to interaction games such as NaughtyNetball™.

The site is inspired by traditional British end-of-the-pier saucy humour – but the prize money is serious, with incredible super-jackpots to win on the annual CheekyMoon™ Mediterranean cruise.

Other prizes include the chance to win a CheekyButler™, a CheekyMaid™ or a CheekyChauffeur™ for the day. These delectable guys and gals will turn up at your home and treat you with the style you deserve while you put your feet up and enjoy more cheeky gaming!

CheekyMoon™ will also run national off line gaming, with a series of great regional tournaments and competitions, such as ‘Les Mille Etoiles’ poker tournament and ‘NaughtyNetball™’, both of which will be attended by male and female CheekyMoonBabes™, combining gaming and cheekiness for great fun.

To celebrate the launch in January 2006, CheekyMoon™ would like to offer a number of reader offers and giveaways, including giving readers the chance to win a CheekyButler™, CheekyMaid™ or CheekyChauffeur™ for a day of pampering.

For an introduction to the CheekyMoon™ experience to come, log on to, which will be live from the 27th of January 2006.

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