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Radical makeover on a central London flat, untouched for 25 years.

I'm about to start major renovation work on a 4 bedroom flat in Hampstead (1,800 sq ft) which hasn't been touched for 25 years, except for a tidying lick of paint when I first moved in, because I couldn't stand the dirt! Work includes new kitchen, new bathroom, fireplace, wiring, decorating, new en-suite etc. Walls being knocked down, rooms being altered, decrepit wiring replaced, new lighting . I'm also trying to include some slightly high-tech gadgets such as wiring rooms for sound (cheap while the plaster is off anyway!, wireless networking for computers) and am keen to use environmentally friendly materials to make the place as "green" as possible.

The aim is to create a family home and to maximise the value of the property.

The flat opens onto a beautiful communal garden and there's lots of scope for pictures and a feature.

Is anyone looking to do a makeover feature of a London flat, with pictures from start to finish? I'm having to go through the whole process from fnding an architect (found), finding builders (not found), sourcing all materials etc, obviously budgeting (as tightly as possible) and maximising the value of the house.

Please contact Helen Matthews, NCI Management, 020 7224 3960.