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Sundown for Cosmetic Cowboys

In response to the government’s recent call for self regulation of cosmetic procedures, The British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD) today announced the appointment of ten regional representatives to provide educational focus, set standards for cosmetic doctors, and provide mentoring for colleagues, offer guidance for members and act as a reliable information resource for the public.

Since its inauguration in 2001 The British Association of Cosmetic Doctors, the not-for-profit organisation, established for the advancement, education and practice of cosmetic dermatology in the UK and Ireland has grown to over 260 members. The move is part of the BACD’s educational drive to establish sub groups to monitor and sponsor local educational events and training throughout the UK and Ireland. As Chairman Dr John Curran says;

“The BACD are keen to work with the government to produce self regulatory system over laying the checks and balances that are already in place such as the GMC and the legislative rules for dispensing and providing medications under the medicines act. This provides the public with increased confidence in the profession. As an association we represent a wide range of skills that we can leverage for patients throughout the UK and for the education and mentoring of local membership. We feel local groups will act as an authoritative resource for the community and also as a resource for our own local members and for non-doctor practitioners who will require an expert referral base for cosmetic dermatological problems.”

Each area representative will select a Chairman for the group and appoint a doctor with a specialist area in medicine as a point of reference for other BACD members. A regional media spokesperson will also be appointed for local media interests. Meetings will be held every six months and local representatives will report back to the central committee.

The British Association of Cosmetic Doctors Regional Representatives are:

Wales Dr Eithne Deignan
Scotland Dr Kathleen Long
Midlands North Dr Mark Palmer
South Ireland Dr Patrick Treacy
Northern Ireland Dr Siobhan McEntee
South West Dr Rupert Gabriel
South East Dr Tracy Mountford
London Dr Samantha Gammell
North East Dr Sue Holdstock
North West Manchester Dr Robin Stones

As Dr John Curran adds;

“The criteria for membership of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors, has evolved to incorporate evidence of proficiency in cosmetic practice, attendance at academic meetings and validation by examination and peer review in the core skills and importantly adherence to the rules and regulations of the association. We credit ourselves with having progressed the practice of cosmetic medicine significantly, in terms of standards and education.”


The British Association of Cosmetic Doctors is a not-for-profit organisation, established for the advancement, education and practice of cosmetic dermatology in the UK. Members are GMC registered; undergo thorough background screening, training and certification. Information about specific procedures and doctors contact details can be found on, or by contacting their advice line at 0800 328 3216.

For media enquiries please contact Lynne Thomas at or call 0207631 5180