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New instant, soft volume aesthetic filler

Aquamid® Natural Integration, Lasting Beauty

Aquamid® is a new generation of soft volume filler, which integrates naturally with the body’s own tissue to create instant facial volume that can be lost with age. It is as supple and elastic as the skin itself, making it imperceptible to both sight and touch. So the only visible sign is a more youthful appearance.

Aquamid® can be used to enhance and contour the face and create more defined cheekbones. The volume created comes mostly from water (97.5%) cross linked with Polyacrylamide to create a soft and uniform hydro gel that moves naturally with the face. As water is recognised by the body Aquamid® is readily accepted and forms a thin membrane around the implant which helps keep it in place, therefore preventing migration. In comparison to fillers containing micro particles, Aquamid® does not cause a foreign body reaction and will not cause tissue to harden. It simply becomes a soft and stable part of the tissue and remains in natural harmony with the body. Results achieved by Aqaumid® are instant and long lasting.

The safety and efficacy of Aquamid® have been well documented in clinical trails that have been published in several peer reviewed journals including a 5 year multi centre clinical trial that was presented at The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2008. Aquamid® has a high client satisfaction with over 300,000 injections performed.

Aquamid® is produced by Centura a Danish Medical technology company and is available in 40 countries. Clinical trials on the safety and efficacy of Aquamid® in the management of HIV related lipoatrophy has been published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, Feb 2008 and Johnson and Johnson are the world wide distributors of Bulkamid, Centura’s treatment for stress incontinence in women.


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