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lashALIVE™ Lash Enhancing Serum

It’s estimated that around 10 million women in the UK wear mascara or eyelash extensions. You rarely see Katie Price without her huge telescopic lash extensions and when glamour model Nicola McLean appeared on ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’, amongst the fears she listed like heights, spiders and snakes was – taking off her mascara! The quest for longer, fuller lashes has created a multi million pound industry. If only there was a product that grew beautiful long lashes, it would be a must have beauty product for most women.

Well the good news is that a new product called lashALIVE, which not only naturally grows lashes, but also prevents premature loss of lashes, was launched in the Sates in November 2008. It was such a massive hit that it’s been selected as the only lash product to be part of the 2009 Oscars star studded goody bags thus making its way into the handbags of A list celebrities. lashALIVE was recently launched in the UK by Aromatherapy Direct Ltd; a Cornish based company who are one of the highest scoring companies in the Good Shoppers Guide and one of the few companies that carry the Ethical Shopper logo. According to Eileen Mulligan, Managing Director of Aromatherapy Direct ‘lashAlive produces fuller looking lashes in just two weeks, and new re growth can be seen by week three. What I love about this product is that it’s completely safe and natural, and fully subscribes to our ingredient and environmental ethics’.

Weather presenter Sian Lloyd was one of the first UK celebrities to try lashAlive. And said ‘After three weeks my lashes are looking better than they have for years’.

Independent clinical trials by AMA Labourites showed that lashALIVE is completely safe, and 92% of testers found it made a positive difference to the condition of their eyelashes. Designed to be used twice a day, the formulation contains 19 Organic Essential Oils that are micro-blended with other natural hair stimulating ingredients to produce a powerful active. Organic Lavendin reduces inflammation and helps to prevent hair loss, Biotinol Tripeptide-1, a vitamin peptide, promotes stronger hair and healthy growth and Organic Yarrow acts as a natural anti-bacterial.

Dr Mark Binette M.D. a US anti-ageing expert has been using lashAlive on his clients and said, ‘to date I have been very impressed with the results I’m seeing. It’s a significant breakthrough to have a safe and natural formulation to offer clients and patients who want longer lashes’.

lashALIVE costs £79.00 and one tube contains a 9 month supply, which equates to under £9.00 per month.

Manufactured in the USA by Adonia Organics. Distributed in the UK by Aromatherapy Direct.

Aromatherapy Direct take pride in offering the highest quality products and excellent customer service. The company is committed to being environmentally friendly and conscious. Their essential oils and other skincare products contain natural and organic ingredients and they only use recyclable packaging. They source their ingredients very carefully and from sustainable sources. Since their products are hand blended and made to order, quality and freshness are assured. Aromatherapy Direct are recommended by The Good Shopping Guide.

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