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Introducing the Pain-Free, Hair-Free Soprano Laser Brazilian

Which style would you choose?

Introducing the Pain-Free, Hair-Free Soprano Laser Brazilian

A Guide to Going Permanently Bare down There!

In the past, a bikini wax involved simply removing hair which showed outside the line of your underwear or swimsuit. But in recent years the Brazilian has transformed the way we dare to bare. Now the arrival of the pain-free, hair-free Soprano XL Brazilian Laser treatment takes hair removal to a whole new level! Comparable to a warm massage, Soprano permanently and painlessly removes bikini hair in just a few short sessions, leaving you soft, smooth and fuzz free forever. Simply follow the Pain-free, Hair-free guide to going bare down there and eliminate the need for waxing and shaving sensitive areas once and for all!

Just like the traditional bikini wax, the Soprano Brazilian Laser treatment is available in different shapes and styles. All treatments utilise the Soprano XL IN-Motion™ gentle sweeping laser technology. This generates pulses of infrared diode laser energy which gradually heat the hair follicles until they can no longer produce new hair. This is the worlds fastest and only pain free technology transforming the uncomfortable process of hair removal into an enjoyable one.

Basic Brazilian Soprano involves the simple removal of hair from outside the bikini line. This takes as little as 10 minutes and will leave you ready for your microkini in just 4-6 sessions.

Soprano Runway is a high bikini wax leaving a small line of hair in a vertical line above the vaginal area and underneath, allowing for a narrow cut thong or bikini to be worn.

Brazilian or Play Boy Soprano is for those who regularly remove all hair but leave a small vertical strip or triangle just above the vaginal area. With Soprano XL IN-Motion™ technology this takes approximately 15-20 minutes and there is no pulling, tugging or ripping of the skin, transforming a painful process into a gentle treatment.

Hollywood Soprano removes everything, everywhere…hair free forever; this treatment has never been quicker or more comfortable. This treatment is popular with dancers and models but increasing numbers of women are finding this to be the most hygienic, low maintenance hair removal choice, eliminating monthly visits to the waxing salon, in grown hair and patchy results.

Soprano Shape Shifter is a variation on the Brazilian but allows the wearer a choice of shapes giving a whole new meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve!

Soprano Mankini- More and more men are now trimming downstairs and the painless Soprano treatments really appeal for the smoother look and feel!

According to Dr Patrick Bowler, Medical Director of Court House Clinics;

“Patients actually enjoy Soprano XL as it is painless compared to conventional laser hair removal treatments. It can also be used on patients with darker skins providing an increased safety margin without any reduction in efficacy. This really is a big step forward in the treatment of unwanted hair anywhere on the body”

With Soprano XL you can opt for a basic bikini treatment or go completely bare, but whatever option you choose a smooth future awaits you!


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