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Big Brows are Back - browREVIVE™ eyebrow enhancing serum


Big Brows are Back!

browREVIVE™ eyebrow enhancing serum

Big brows are back in vogue and celebs are taking the trend to the max! Kate Winslet, Jenifer Connelly and Natalie Portman are all sporting the bold brow look so isn’t it time you bring back the brows? If your brows are looking a bit sparse bring them back to life with browREVIVE™, the first truly natural brow enhancer to be introduced to the UK. browREVIVE™ is a safe, effective and 100% natural serum that stimulates hair growth leaving brows thicker, fuller and superbly defined.

For those with over-plucked, thinning brows or if hormonal changes/illness have caused brows to disappear, browREVIVE™ is your solution. It works by nourishing and rejuvenating the hair follicles. Using a powerful active that contains 19 Organic essential oils, micro-blended with other natural hair stimulating ingredients browREVIVE™ helps to keep the hair in the anagen stage of growth. Organic Lavendin reduces inflammation and helps to prevent hair loss, Biotinol Tripeptide-1, a vitamin peptide, promotes stronger hair and healthy growth and Organic Rosemary Verbenone helps to increase circulation and stimulate hair follicles.

Independent clinical studies by AMA Laboratories showed that browREVIVE™ is completely safe and 100% of testers found it made a positive difference to the condition of their brows in just 42 days! Recently launched in the States browREVIVE™ has been a huge success. Selected to be part of the 2009 Oscars goody bags, browREVIVE™ is set to ensure big brows are the next celebrity trend.

Distributed in the UK by Aromatherapy Direct Ltd; a Cornish based company who are one of the highest scoring companies in the Good Shoppers Guide and one of the few companies that carry the Ethical Shopper logo. browREVIVE™ is designed to be used twice a day and costs £79.00. One tube contains a 9 month supply, equating to under £9.00 per month.

Give you brows the boost they need with browREVIVE™ a safe and effective solution for naturally beautiful brows.

Manufactured in the USA by Adonia Organics. Distributed in the UK by Aromatherapy Direct.

Aromatherapy Direct take pride in offering the highest quality products and excellent customer service. The company is committed to being environmentally friendly and conscious. Their essential oils and other skincare products contain natural and organic ingredients and they only use recyclable packaging. They source their ingredients very carefully and from sustainable sources. Since their products are hand blended and made to order, quality and freshness are assured. Aromatherapy Direct are recommended by The Good Shopping Guide.

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