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Is gravity bringing you down? Introducing Breform™, the breast lift miracle.

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Is gravity bringing you down?
Introducing Breform™, the breast lift miracle.

As gravity and age begin to take over, your once perky assets can start to head south taking your confidence with them. For added support, Court House Clinics introduce Breform™, the revolutionary and permanent internal bra system that holds you in all the right places and never lets you down! Breform™ restores the once youthful, natural and original appearance of your breasts without the necessity of silicone or saline implants.

Breform™ provides a permanent solution for women with medium ‘droopy’ breasts. It is ideal for restoring shape and lift particularly for women who have lost their natural shape after having children. The Breform™ internal bra is made of polyester which has been employed in reconstructive surgery for over 40 years with a 100% acceptance and no reported allergic reactions. It is currently the only breast support system to come with a permanent guarantee of never loosing its shape.

Court House Clinics are offering two types of Breform™ surgery. Breform™ Mastopexy is for those with droopy breasts of normal size and can be performed under general anesthetic. The second is Breform™ Reduction which has been developed to assist the conventional reduction procedure, which normally relies on the skin to maintain the shape and weight of the breast but can also leave the patient with dramatic scaring. By introducing the Breform™ internal bra system, the surgeon is able to eliminate both these problems.

Breform™ is an ideal solution to perk up your breasts without invasive surgery or implants. Women are advised that they must be past child bearing, of an ideal, stable weight and a non smoker prior to the procedure so as to obtain the best possible and permanent results. Breform is also suitable for women having undergone a mastectomy wanting an even appearance.

Restore breasts back to their youthful shape and your confidence along with them with Breform™ the permanent internal bra system.

Available from Court House Clinics:

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