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She Mail! Trinkets Tampons by Post

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She Mail!
Trinkets Tampons by Post

In her lifetime a woman will experience around 500 periods and use between 10 and 20 thousand tampons! That’s a lot of tampons and a lot of hassle! How many times have you run out and been caught short? Now sit back and relax as Trinkets deliver a precious gift direct to your door each month. Pure cotton, beautifully packaged and cleverly designed to look good in your bag and on your bathroom shelf, Trinkets tampons will make you feel good about your period. Period!

Trinket Women is a 100% female owned company that has created a new brand of tampon that addresses women’s monthly needs. By introducing a unique online monthly delivery service, Trinkets provide the ultimate in convenience and discretion wrapped up in a stylish package that you won’t be afraid to shout about! Trinkets transform the process of buying tampons into a pleasure rather than a chore.

Trinkets tampons arrive in prettily packaged boxes containing discreet and hygienic, stylish zip lock bags that can be transferred to your hand bag, suitcase or gym bag. Each tampon is wrapped in a Silk Fit™ cover for easier insertion and comfort. More importantly they are made from natural cotton which is better for your body and the environment because they are free from synthetic rayon additives used in the traditional tampon manufacture process.

Available as compact or non applicator tampons to suit all flows, Trinkets provide a modern alternative to traditional tampons. Safe, reliable, practical and fashionable Trinkets are the natural solution to monthly periods.