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2014 looks like the year of the staycation with more of us than ever before shunning the sunnier holiday spots overseas to explore what Britain has to offer. A study carried out this year by OnePoll found that a whopping 74% of us Brits are planning their holidays in the UK this year, making 2014 the fifth consecutive year that the trend to take a ‘staycation’ has continued to grow!

The survey found that the number of British holidaymakers preferring to take a number of city breaks, coach day trips and weekends away rather than the conventional longer holidays is rapidly increasing. The main reasons are thought to be due to the desire to spend less money and spread holidays out over the year for a calendar full of getaways to look forward to.

City breaks remain as popular as ever, but the new staycation trend seems to be for seaside holidays with a round 40% of British holidaymakers planning trips to coastal destinations such as Cornwall, Devon, Whitby,...

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