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Eyeblaster, home of the world’s most innovative digital marketing solutions, has today announced its collaboration with Microsoft Silverlight technology, pushing the boundaries of ad campaign management and creative innovation once again.

Silverlight delivers multi-layered, cross-platform interactive experiences using animation, graphics, audio and video capabilities. Eyeblaster’s first implementation of Silverlight in an online banner ads was launched Japan across 3 key publishers, totalling 2,710,000 impressions. An additional 12 key publishers also announced that they will support Eyeblasters collaboration with Silverlight in the future.

Joe Girling, Eyeblaster Vice-President of Global Sales said, “The collaboration strengthens Microsoft and Eyeblaster’s relationship and demonstrates ongoing commitment to leadership and innovation around the use of key technologies such as Silverlight. Bringing the power of Eyeblaster to dedicated Silverlight...

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