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As from 6 April 2009 the Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ) will be the latest flawed but mandatory addition to the Home Information Pack.

The Property Information Questionnaire is a protracted form comprised of questions relating to the property to be sold and is expected to be completed by the owner or seller of the property. Fridays Property Lawyers has been at the forefront of advising the public and estate agents about the potential risks in completing the from with inaccurate information. Whilst care needs to be taken to complete the questionnaire accurately to in order to avoid the risk of potential litigation, some estate agents and conveyancing lawyers are advocating that one way of bypassing the risk would be to answer most of the questions in the PIQ “don’t know”.

The advice on the government prescribed PIQ itself dictates that any agent that assists or completes the Property Information Questionnaire is potentially liable for...

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