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When it comes to innovation in business management there are very few stories that would get the pulse racing, and very few case studies documented whereby the reader would be excited and engaged enough to read beyond the first paragraph.

To many business owners, business management is grey area but one UK based entrepreneur that certainly doesn’t do grey and to date has turned around over 100 failing businesses is John Whiteman. With a totally unique approach to business management, a management structure that closely resembles the management of a premier league football team, John Whiteman has successfully formed and managed the growth of a group of 18 companies over the last 3 years.

John explains, “No matter what the size of the company you work for, the majority of companies resemble a football team. Each department or individual is vital to the success of the whole and so the performance of each department is of paramount importance”.

For years, many influential business people have commented upon the strength of the model used within football management and how it translates well as an accessible model for business. However, until now, very few people have actually come forward with a proven case study of this model and demonstrated its power and effectiveness within business and the management of staff.

John delivers his business training in short and exciting bursts that not only captivate but also culminate with powerful graphics that clearly demonstrate and flag areas of weaknesses within your business. He asks, “In your business which positions do you cover? What position do you enjoy the most? Where are the gaps? The Big Picture in business, quite simply, is to score more goals than you let in. If you consistently score more goals than you let in as a company you will always be successful.”

Simple when you think about it, the unique difference here though is these words by John are not all hot air spat from the sidelines. John now manages a group of 18 companies that all follow and practice his method of teaching. Not only has this grown the companies individually but allowed the companies to interact, learn and benefit from each other.

John now strives to take his teaching to a far wider audience as he searches for leaders with a dynamic skill set and desire to be the best they can be in their chosen field. Throughout the year, John is running a series of training events and is available for public speaking and one2one training.


Sam Lutman-Pauc – Frontside Marketing
Unit 1, Park Farm, Chichester Road, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 0AG


John Whiteman is an inspirational speaker and published author, an entrepreneur and business trouble-shooter that to date has successfully turned around over 100 failing companies.

John has a unique approach to life and business and helps people to realise their dreams through effective management, increasing personal happiness and creating flow through a teaching method he refers to as The Way.

Published work – 9 Days to Feel Fantastic, Hayhouse