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Gradwell, the leading and award-winning one-stop internet business provider for the UK’s SME sector, announced today (9 March 2009) it has launched the “Spoken through Spinvox” Voice-2-Text service for its Hosted PBX Platform.

The service will be demonstrated on Gradwell’s stand 148 at London Olympia’s UC 2009, 11 and 12 March.

“We will show how you can ‘read’ your voicemail messages via text or email,” explained Peter Gradwell, MD of the Bath-based company which - in December 2008 - won an award from ITSPA (Internet Service Providers Association) for Best Business VoIP.

“The Voice-2-Text service helps businesses convert their voicemail audio into text, to be delivered by SMS text message or by email – whichever format the customer chooses,” he added.

Voice-2-Text is a bespoke innovation by Gradwell, which utilises the Spinvox Voice Message Conversion System (VMCS) to:

enable ‘on the move’ or remote...

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