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Shop Till You Drop While Making a Profit Online!

The New Consumer Tool to Online Shopping.

No one can argue that online shopping has completely inspired the art of shopping. Skipping out on the crowds and queues is definitely a time saver but now it actual PAYS as well. The Kings of Cashback ( not only offer deals that aren’t found anywhere else but they also PAY you good hard cash to shop online.

How it works

Cashbackkings is simply the smartest way to shop online. Shoppers use the site like a gateway to more than 2,000 online retailers, including blue-chip companies like American Express, Debenhams, Expedia, Currys, M&S, Dell, and Tesco. These retailers pay a referral commission for any business that is passed to their websites, but rather than keeping this commission, cashbackkings passes the commission straight back to the customer i.e. giving the customer “cashback”. Typical cashback deals range from 7% up to as high as 50% of the total amount spent. Cashbackkings earns its money by retaining the first £5 of cashback that the shopper earns each year. So for the online shopper it is a no-brainer, they get the same lowest possible online price, and they get cashback on every purchase.

Top 5 Deals Offered Online TODAY:

House of Fraser – (EXCLUSIVE to CashbackKings) 3% cashback. Home Sale Event.
Currys - 3.5% cashback on both delivered and "reserve & collect" purchases.
e.on - £50 cashback for a dual fuel switch.
Lloyds TSB Home Insurance - £120 cashback for building and contents insurance

Who are the Cashback Kings?

Cashbackkings is independently ranked by Martin Lewis as one of the top cashback sites in the UK. Founder and Director, Richard Yendall has been in the industry since it began five years ago and also operates sister cashback site, which is also recognised as one of the leading cashback sites in the UK. Cashbackkings was launched in February 2007 to offer online shoppers a simple way to earn the highest cashback possible on every online purchase they make.

So what makes Cashback Kings the top of their field?

• The company offer the highest cashback rates (and guarantee not to be beaten!)
• They were a founding member of the accredited industry body “The Loyalty Association”
• They have the largest number of merchants (more than 2,000)
• They offer a friend referral bonus scheme
• The site is operated by one of the most respected companies in the industry who have been operating cashback sites for more than 5 years

If you would like to interview Richard or find out more information about this service, please contact:

Erin Woodward @ Full Portion Media
Tel: 0845 225 1500