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Launch of the Fullbrook Consulting Group - A New Age of Consultancy

As the term ‘consultancy’ begins to mean all things to all men, a new company has recently launched to help provide a very clear and concise (and more importantly) holistic approach to consultancy. The Fullbrook Consulting Group, founded by two of the industries well known personalities, has already started to forge some very strong alliances in Europe and has won several contracts within it’s first month of business.

The Fullbrook Consulting Group differentiate themselves by working closely with Software Venors, Manufacturers, System Integrators and VAR’s rather than competing for the business of end users in the IT/Telecommunications and eCRM market place.

Sean Taplin, previously Sales Director at Rockwell Electronic Commerce and Wayne Kay, previously MD of the Call Centre Business of Cable and Wireless ML Integration, both have a very clear idea about the industries needs in terms of a consultancy partner who can provide a complete range of professional services.

Kay says:

"Our services are provided through Four dedicated practices.

Through these practices, Fullbrook are able to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our clients, and by doing so can become a central part of the clients decision making processes, in topics ranging from sales strategy to recruitment and technical consultancy through application design and support."

The Four (4) practices are comprised of:

· Fullbrook Consulting – A Sales Strategy and Channel Identification practice that helps technology manufacturers find the right channel and distribution partners to ensure success in markets where they have little or no presence. To end users of these technologies, it should be no surprise to learn that many of the best products never get to be heard of because the manufacturers tend to have outstanding technical skills but less so the ability to market their products.

· Fullbrook Distribution – An Outsourced Sales practice that will maintain technology manufacturers channels of distribution, responsible for accreditation programmes, training and servicing the needs of a channel.

· Fullbrook Professional Services – A consultancy practice split into two main disciplines. Business Consulting, including strategy, procurement, business case consultancy. Technical Consultancy, providing technical resource ranging from development skills to outsourced project and program management.

· Fullbrook Executive Search – An Executive Search practice providing comprehensive services to both clients and candidates. Executive Search always presents clients with first class candidates and also regular industry intelligence reports as well as the provision of development workshops for placed candidates.

Each division is lead by individuals who have significant experience of their respective disciplines, and are able to comprehensively understand the needs of our clients and more significantly, deliver results.

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