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Video on how energy services outperforms the broader market

Energy services outperform

the providers of equipment and services are the best way to the play the energy sector

SF Fundamental Energy Fund, a fund investing in the shares of companies providing key equipment and services to the energy sector continues to significantly outperform the MSCI World Energy Index.

SF Fundamental Energy was up over 5% in October 2013 and was up over 29% for the 12 months to the end of October 2013. It is ranked in the Top Quartile of the IMA Specialist Fund sector, currently 6th out of 211 funds.

SF Fundamental Energy invests predominantly in the shares of large multi-national companies listed on UK, US and European exchanges with notable exposure to oil equipment and services, industrial engineering and support services groups supplying into power and energy markets, including alternatives.

Christopher Boxall, Director of Fundamental, comments,

“With increasing demand for energy from emerging markets and huge amounts being invested in new oil and gas wells, producing platforms and other energy infrastructure we think the providers of equipment and services are the best way to the play the energy sector; this is borne out in our fund returns over the past 18 months”

In the Latest Video Christopher Boxall covers some of the star performers from October, what he is currently looking at and the investment potential of energy equipment and services arena.

Some of the key attractions of the SF Fundamental Energy Fund are:-

• The effective and efficient supply of power and energy remains essential to support the world’s economy.

• Energy sources are becoming harder and harder to extract from the ground. This means that providers of equipment and services are busier than ever supporting the search for new finds. Despite the Gulf spill deep water drilling contractors set to be big long term beneficiaries.

• The market for support services in the oil and gas sector is particularly attractive due to the high cash expenditure in infrastructure anticipated over the next few years.

• Energy demand is expected to increase given the rapid growth in energy consumption, primarily from emerging market economies of China and India.

• Aging power infrastructure in developed economies needs replacing offering - as someone recent observed the US power grid is anywhere from half a century to a century old, yet energy demand in the US is likely to surge by 32% in the next four years to 2015..

The SF Fundamental Energy Fund is administered by Share Funds, offers daily dealing, a low initial minimum investment of GBP1,000 and is available on many of leading investment platforms.

Investment can also be made via ISAs, Pension Funds and SIPPS.


14th November 2013

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