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Caro bed - wellness home interior - £329

Boost your mental health within your home interior using a refreshing green colour palette associated with peace, nature and relaxation.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice (, shares 3 ways to incorporate wellness into your home style.

1. Create a sanctuary in the bedroom with relaxing sage

Prioritise rest and relaxation with a tranquil light green hue in the bedroom. “Choosing a colour we associate with peace, nature and relaxation will help reconnect us to the present moment and ground the home.

A light green shade such as sage with its calming and serene elements will help set the mood for sleep,” Rebecca explains. “Layer comfy textures and fabrics such as cotton or linen on a soft fabric bed for a rejuvenating rest.”

“Dedicate a corner designed for regaining balance with...

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