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Hayward Dove Grey Sofa - £899.99

Discover this hybrid trend that combines contemporary Scandi style with bold tropical décor.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice (, shares 3 ways to introduce the Tropicandi look to your home.

1. Combine Scandi style with bright tropical colours

Tropicandi is a hybrid trend that combines a warm, tropical colour palette with calmer Scandi-inspired pieces of furniture. “If you have always wanted to add a colourful twist to Scandi décor, this is the style for you,” Rebecca says.

Start with a contemporary grey sofa as the base for a clean Scandi feel. Bring tropical elements into the mix with a warm peach backdrop, colourful cushions and chic ceramics. “Scandi’s clean lines and minimalist approach bring out the best of tropical style by highlighting its uplifting yet relaxing appeal,” Rebecca...

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