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Loren Sofa - Furniture And Choice

For aspiring homemakers, the popularity of wall panelling continues to dominate home décor around the globe. Do-it-yourself kits to panel your walls in less than a day are trending on TikTok and on Pinterest we’ve hit over 1 million searches for wooden wall slats – the latest décor fad.

Amthal Karim, Head of Marketing at Furniture And Choice commented:

“Whether you want to add interest to a boxy living room with shaker-style panelling or decorate your chimney breast with wooden slats - there’s a feature wall idea that’s right for you. Not only does wooden wall décor add warmth, the texture of wood creates a cosy feel in your home.

Biophilic design has been trending for the last few years and it’s meant to help us to create a visual connection with nature. Using natural elements in your home interior has also been shown to improve wellbeing and productivity....

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