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Interior Trend Predictions for Spring Summer 2019

Hayward Dove Grey Sofa - £699.99

A combination of orange and blush pink, peachy coral has been predicted by Pantone to be the next big colour for 2019

For next season, it’s all about adding a new twist to popular trends for a refreshing change in the home. Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice, dishes on 3 of the top trend predictions for Spring/Summer 2019 and how to get the look at home.

1. Embrace pastels as the new neutral

The verdict is in - pastels are going to be big next season. And in this latest transformation, they add a new twist to neutrals and are styled in a contemporary way for maximum impact.

Two key shades that are expected to shine next season are mint and peachy coral. “A versatile shade, mint is pleasant and soothing making it a great way to add a light, fresh feel to the home,” Rebecca says. “When styled with contemporary furniture, the effect is both futuristic and natural at the same time.”

And for fans of millennial pink, there’s a hot new colour in town - and it’s one that has a similar look and feel to this long-time favourite. A combination of orange and blush pink, peachy coral has been predicted by Pantone to be the next big colour for 2019. This hue has the dreamy quality of pink but grounded with orange and terracotta, making it a great shade to use in the home for those keen to experiment with colour but wary of picking something that may be too overpowering.

But for those who prefer to stick to the classics, grey is a calming shade that makes an ideal choice for the bedroom. When paired with classic wooden furniture or Scandi inspired pieces this creates a relaxing and cosy ambience. In the living room, grey furniture can also be used as a backdrop against pastel accessories for a cosy, pop of colour.

2. Luxe it up with velvet

A finish typically associated with autumn, velvet adds drama and depth to any room, and is easily adaptable to add some sophistication to spring and summer looks, becoming a year-round favourite.

“Velvet elevates the look of the room regardless of the season,” says Rebecca. “It’s a finish that resonates well with bold colours or neutrals, depending on the look and mood of the space. For instance, pairing a blue velvet sofa with neutral accessories in the living room creates a sophisticated, yet crisp update on a classic look.”

Velvet can also add flair to a sharp, modern dining room. “For instance, velvet dining chairs can soften the lines and edges of glass and marble tables, creating a cosy, yet chic atmosphere. And for a seasonal update - it’s all about the colours. Moving away from the autumnal palette of darker greens, greys and browns, blue and silver have a lighter feel while still maintaining the elegance and sheen of velvet.”

3. Art Deco returns with a millennial twist

A much-loved style which has captured the imagination of many Pinterest boards, Art Deco has evolved once again - this time to fit millennial tastes and trends. This latest iteration is a minimalist take on this glamorous style, and is more strategic in terms of how colour and pattern are deployed. In this version, starting with a neutral colour palette allows lots of flexibility when it comes to using Art Deco themes and looks in the home.

“Using geometric patterns which match the colour palette of the room make a soft and elegant statement, while gold accents add flair to a neutral space,” advises Rebecca. For texture, a velvet sofa is the go-to choice, creating the opulence and lushness associated with Art Deco.”


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