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Bayreuth/Germany: FutureCarbon, the leading provider of super-composites based on carbon nanomaterials, is making a first-time appearance at this year's NSTI nano tech show in Boston from June 14 through 15. FutureCarbon is thus actively continuing its course of expansion. Visitors can find FutureCarbon at booth 1407.

FutureCarbon is bringing along an attractive portfolio. In Carbo e-Therm the innovative Bayreuth-based company is presenting a high-tech heated coating based on carbon metamaterials. Different product variants, working on a non-hazardous low voltage of 12 or 24 V for example, are able to heat forms and surfaces up to temperatures as high as 500°C – walls, floors, interior surfaces in automobiles, rotor blades of wind power parks or lab flasks for instance.
Another interesting exhibit is CarboBond – an electrically conducting adhesive that offers the possibility of matching specific electrical resistance for antistatic regions up to conductivity...

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