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Fyshe seeks HSBC Private Banking Clients

25% discount on first year management fees for HSBC clients

1 August 2008

Fyshe Horton Finney Ltd, one of the UK’s oldest independent Stockbrokers and Investment Managers, is seeking to pick up business from all regional clients of HSBC’s Private Banking division. HSBC announced last week that it was discontinuing its service for ‘smaller’ account holders – advisory accounts with under £1m under management and discretionary accounts with under £300,000 under management – clients have until the end of October 2008 to find a new provider.

Dr Hardeep Tamana, Chief Executive of Fyshe Horton Finney Ltd, said:
“HSBC may have closed the door on a number of their customers in an attempt to streamline their own business. In the given circumstances, it is important that these individuals are presented with a fair choice of alternates and they will be warmly welcomed by Fyshe Horton...

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