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Gorgeous Vogue cover model Daisy Lowe, best known for her dazzling smile and heart of gold, asked her artist designer friend Sonya Rothwell, founder of luxury design house Gallery Beautiful and winner of this year’s ‘Best Luxury Interior Accessories Award’ Build Magazine, to decorate her tent at Yurtel, an off-site boutique camp whose guests go to Glastonbury Festival.

Delighted by the challenge Sonya Rothwell conjured something suitably bohemian, feminine and magical. Forty meters of digital waterproof fabric, 20 meters of coloured linen, 5 miles of stitches, 75 hand made tassels and hand printed holographic stars, ultra chic soft furnishings, tons of butterflies, tropical plants and orchids later … Yurt Beautiful came to life.

Daisy Lowe loved it;

“Sonya really worked her magic. The gorgeous yurt was soooo beautiful and comfortable. It was an absolute joy to stay in!!”

Sonya Rothwell wrapped Daisy’s yurt in her Moksha...

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