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GFi 2015 Email Habits Survey Infographic

Third annual Independent study by GFI Software reveals that work-related email is disrupting everything from holidays to funerals as employees struggle to cope with volume and culture of ‘always-on’ working

London, UK – 24 June 2015 – GFI Software™ today announced the findings of its third annual independent study into email user habits, which revealed that work email is encroaching into the personal lives and downtime of employees more than ever. Of those surveyed, some 47 per cent admit to checking work email at least once a day in their personal time, up six per cent, while 33 per cent admit checking multiple times a day or in real-time through pre-work mornings, evenings, weekends and days off. Furthermore, 43 per cent regularly check their work email after 11pm at night.

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