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Garlands Call Centres selects contact recording and speech analytics software from QPC for company-wide roll out

QPC today announces that Garlands Call Centres, the UK’s second largest inbound contact centre agency*, has made a significant investment in version 3.1 of etalk Qfiniti contact recording and analytics software at its Tees Valley contact centres. The software will initially be made available to over 1000 employees at the company, with a view to extending its use to all 3000 Garlands employees.

The Qfiniti rollout is part of an extensive programme of investment by Garlands in quality systems and processes, designed to give the company a significant competitive advantage in global markets. Other recent improvements by Garlands have included investments in new dialler, workforce productivity and multimedia-based IP contact centre software - as well as in COPC and ISO9001:2000 quality certification.

“Garlands has a real focus on its people and we are delighted to be able to support the company’s quality initiative with a quality monitoring solution that will help improve performance through people development” says Rob Smale, Managing Director of QPC in Europe. “Conceptual search will also enable Garlands’ analysts to rapidly locate and then proactively investigate high value interactions as well as analyse customer experiences. This will help Garlands and their clients make business decisions quicker and more effectively”.

etalk Qfiniti contact recording and analytics software from QPC is an important new addition to Garlands’ quality ‘armoury’. It enables the company to record all inbound / outbound calls and associated data screens and then automatically analyse them using advanced analytical techniques:

· etalk Explore speech analytics uses Autonomy’s IDOL conceptual search technology to spot words, phrases and other ‘concepts’ spoken within calls and group them together to find the causes of customer and other operational issues. The technology dramatically reduces the time and cost involved in locating customer interactions that are of most value.

· etalk Qfiniti’s unique workflow design allows advisors, team managers, call centre managers and analysts to focus on their role within the quality assessment and improvement process - increasing accuracy and reducing administration costs.

“Qfiniti offers an amazing array of voice / data recording and speech analytics capabilities, and gives us an unparalleled insight into what customers are saying and thinking. Its ability to do this in an automated way will free up managers’ time to focus on other more important tasks, such as coaching advisors to enhance their performance,” said Chris Colyer, IT Director at Garlands Call Centres. “Quality management suppliers have been talking about advanced speech analytics for years, Garlands is one of the first contact centres in the UK to be able to actually deliver the benefits of this exciting new technology to customers.”

An earlier version of the etalk software is already being used successfully by 120 Garlands’ personnel working on the Virgin Mobile account. This installation will be updated as part of the roll out of version 3.1 of the software.

* By sales turnover 2005/6. Source: Precision Marketing Contact Centre League Tables published December 2006

About QPC

QPC helps the world's leading companies, like Halifax Bank of Scotland, Vodafone and BSkyB to improve their contact centres - reducing costs, increasing revenues, enhancing customer satisfaction and positively influencing virtually every key performance indicator. QPC’s solutions include best of breed workforce optimisation systems, contact optimisation consulting and training and development services. For more information, visit

About Qfiniti

etalk Qfiniti™ is an enterprise platform that helps global, multi and single site operations consistently deliver outstanding customer service and ensure regulatory compliance. This unified and scalable infrastructure provides tools to capture call / desktop events and then evaluate and analyse these activities. Combined with Qfiniti's intelligent speech analytics, transaction assistance and survey tools, the solution suite enables contact centres to improve performance throughout the enterprise:

· Qfiniti Advise™ - works with Observe to streamline the assessment process and improve the precision of quality measurement processes.

· Qfiniti Observe™ - voice recording with business rules (CTI) and screen capture for quality monitoring and compliance logging.

· Qfiniti Explore™ - speech analytics to automatically understand the content of recorded calls and improve quality, compliance, business processes, sales and marketing.

About Garlands

Garlands is a leading UK provider of outsourced customer contact services via phone, email and the Web.

Garlands' services range from customer service to outbound customer acquisition, debt collection, customer retention, technical assistance, cross-selling, upselling, staff accounts, activations, credit management, customer registrations, customer lifecycle management and many other back office functions.

Garlands believes that people are the key to delivering superb customer service. It provides comprehensive and innovative programmes with a holistic focus to develop the skills of its staff - programmes that extend beyond the call centre and into the local community.

The company owns six prestigious contact centres, three in Hartlepool Marina, one in Middlesbrough town centre and two at Garlands’ Contact Centre Village in Stockton. Garlands was named ‘North East Company of the Year' at the 2005 National Business Awards. Together with Vodafone, Garlands won top prize in the “Best Work by a Contact Centre” category at the 2006 Marketing Direct SMART awards. For more information, visit

For Additional Information:

Catherine Ingram, QPC Marketing
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Michael Gray, Marketing and PR
Garlands Call Centres
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