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GemaTech UK, a leading developer of advanced specialist voice technologies and TTC Communications Ltd, specialist voice communications system integrators today announced their exciting strategic partnership.

Managing Director of TTC, Mike Todd said “We have always prided ourselves in being able to offer not only the highest level of service to our clients but the most up-to-date range of voice products too. We had a missing piece from our portfolio and that was advanced VoIP Private Wire voice technology for the trader market. After extensive research we are delighted that we are now able to add GemaTech’s Trader Voice Anywhere™ to our product range.”
GemaTech's latest application, Trader Voice Anywhere™ , is set to change the landscape of Trader Voice communications within the trading floor. Traditional dedicated "private wires" have been the backbone of Trader Voice communications but they have become inflexible and costly as technology has evolved....

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