New location verification solution GeoProve enters ad tech ecosystem. Former Primesight duo Naren Patel and Matt Teeman spot gap in market, signing Blis as first client.

GeoProve, the new UK-based mobile location verification platform, today launches with a global offering and announces Blis as its first client. GeoProve, an independent, tag-based location verification solution, is the brainchild of co-founders Naren Patel and Matt Teeman, who successfully sold Primesight to Global in 2018.

“Location data is an extremely valuable data source within mobile and OOH advertising with yields and usage on the rise. However, it is suspected to contain inaccuracy and, in some cases, fraud. It’s therefore crucial for brands, agencies and adtech players to know they're only using the most accurate data possible, to drive the most efficient campaigns. In founding GeoProve, we saw a significant opportunity to provide an important verification role in the industry,” said Naren Patel, CEO and co-founder of GeoProve.

Recent estimates suggest that location data makes up 40% of a typical mobile campaign. The GeoProve platform works in a similar way to online verification tags with the tags being simply added to any ad creative that can run a javascript or image tag. The self-service platform will detect any campaign configuration issues and bad data points. It produces two scoring metrics: The Location Health Score (LHS), which determines how many impressions were within the specified POI, and The Location Supply Score (LSS), which detects any issues within the data. GeoProve also provides an Overall Campaign Score (OCS), an average of both the LHS and LSS, giving advertisers the peace of mind their media investment is reaching the right consumers.

GeoProve has already been independently verified by external experts and is a member of the IAB.

“We want to work collaboratively with the mobile platform vendors, agencies and clients to help promote credibility of the sector as a whole. We’re delighted that industry leader Blis has chosen GeoProve as their trusted partner in location verification. Our aim is to deliver a valuable tool to the market along with first class customer service. This is an exciting opportunity and we believe we’re the right team to bring this solution to market.” Matt Teeman, GeoProve CCO and co-founder, commented.

CEO of Blis, Greg Isbister added, “We are excited to be working with GeoProve and to offer clients an independent and audited verification solution. We look forward to integrating the GeoProve technology and bringing this to clients in the coming months.”

Patel and Teeman, who have many years in media, particularly in an out-of-home business centred around the impact of location and context, were drawn to the power and potential of location data and the concerns about the accuracy of some of the data in the ecosystem. They have built a tag-based location verification platform to help clients and agencies verify location campaign data accuracy.

GeoProve has also appointed former Primesight colleague Nigel Clarkson as a Non-Executive Director, following his time in senior leadership roles in digital and data businesses, including Weve, the mobile location specialist.

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About Geoprove
Geoprove is a verification platform that provides independent analysis and authentication of the accuracy and quality of location-based mobile advertising campaigns.We work collaboratively with the mobile platform vendors, agencies and clients to help promote credibility of the sector as a whole. The business is based in London but will be looking to provide its services globally..
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