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Huge French Coal Bed Methane Find

Gas Explorer Heritage’s tests are ‘top end’ of directors’ expectations

Gas explorer Heritage Petroleum plc’s first test drill in France has produced results at the ‘top end of our expectations’ Chief Executive Paul Ray said today (15.09.06).

Mr Ray was commenting after significant gassy coal seams were intersected at the company’s Folschviller ST1 Well in Alsace Lorraine. Strong gas readings were recorded in the inter seam sediments over the entire 106 meter interval of the current depth of the well at 882 meters.

Strong to very strong gas readings were recorded in coal deposits and gas has also been discovered within the inter and intra seam sediments. The ongoing analysis supports expectations that three more gassy coal packets, including two major coal seams, will be encountered in the remainder of the well.

“Results to date are very promising indeed,” said Mr Ray, whose company, quoted on Plus Markets, owns 25 per cent of the project in a joint venture with European Gas Ltd. “We are particularly encouraged by the preliminary data.”

The program is in preparation for the development of the large Gas in Place Resource which to date totals 28.1 billion cubic metres ("Bcm") (991.2 billion cubic feet ("Bcf")) within approximately 7% of Heritage’s six permit and application areas in France and Italy.


Technical Notes for Editors

Coring operations in the Westphalian coal measures began at the Folschviller St1 well on 7 September 2006. Coring was commenced from 743 metres subsurface and as at 1600 (CEST*) 11 September the well was drilling ahead at 882 metres. * Central European Summer Time

Drilling to date has returned the following coal intercepts:

Seam --- Depth From (metres)--- Net Coal Intercept(metres) --- Gross Interval of Coal(metres)

Veine 8 -------------767.62-------------------- 3.45 ---------------------------10.98

Veine 9 -------------803.43-------------------- 13.46---------------------------13.91

Mud log gas readings were established at 776 metres and have continued to current depth. Strong total gas readings have been recorded over the entire interval from 776 metres to 882 metres which mostly comprises inter seam sediments. Within Veine 9, strong to very strong gas readings were recorded. Laboratory tests on the coal and sediments are in progress and gas content data is expected shortly.

The presence of thick to very thick gassy coal seams is confirmed as is the presence of gas within the inter and intra seam sediments. Veines 8 and 9 constitute a younger coal packet which occurs at a stratigraphically higher level to the three major packets originally expected in this well. The Veine 8/9 packet is much better developed than originally anticipated and is evidently a target for development.

Projected Total Depth (“TD”) for the Folschviller St1 well is 1300 metres and from ongoing analysis the company expects to encounter at least three more gassy coal packets including two major coal seams in the remainder of the well.

The Folschviller St1 well is being drilled at a site 850 metres east of the town of Folschviller. The Westphalian D coal bearing sequence was expected to be encountered at approximately 700 metres where HQ core will be cut through to TD.

The principal target is Coal Bed Methane (“CBM”) within the Westphalian D and C sequences.

Upon completion of the Folschviller St1 well the rig will then be used to drill the second well at Diebling in the Alsting block. The two well drilling program will take approximately twelve weeks to complete.

For each well the core will be analysed for:

• Gas content for the coal seams;

• Inter seam sediments gas contents;

• Porosity and permeability;

• Fracture and cleating; and

• Fluid sensitivity in respect of the coals and the intercalated sediments.

Drilling is being carried out by Cofor of Maisse, France using a trailer mounted Wirth B3/B5 drilling rig under a turnkey contract. Wireline logging is being carried out by Deutsche Montan Technologie of Essen, Germany while mud logging services is being provided by Geo-RS of Parigny, France.

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