Put your money where your mouse is with MoneyGaming!

Play all of your favourite games of skill for real stakes, live against other players across the world. Think you’ve seen it all before? Not this time!

The Money Gaming Corporation launches www.MoneyGaming.com this June as the world’s first online skill games portal where users can play for high stakes. Unlike online gambling sites that are all based around games of chance (Poker, Roulette, Blackjack etc) MoneyGaming.com only provides games of skill, so the better you play, the higher your chances of winning.

You will experience a world where you can play all of your favourite games against real players! The games include everything from backgammon, chess, word games (e.g. Scrabble and crosswords), to various classic board games, including checkers, Othello and Solitaire. You can even choose games such as pool, Battleships and mini-golf!

Say ‘NO!’ to online gambling sites where the odds are always against you - MoneyGaming.com means the better you play, the more you win.

Play against people from all around the world; you choose the game and we will give you the opponents! Alternatively, you can even choose the option of challenging friends and family in private games rooms, where you decide who you play against!

What’s more, and in contrast to online gambling sites, MoneyGaming.com is not gambling according to UK and US law, thus allowing the company to be based in the UK! This uniquely allows MoneyGaming.com to provide a completely secure environment for gamers to play.

From head to head games, to international competitions, MoneyGaming.com has a challenge to fulfil every competitors needs. With the added bonus of big money jackpots and free entry tournaments with guaranteed prizes, MoneyGaming.com provides a unique proposition to entice anyone after a real challenge.

The Internet Gaming market is experiencing rapid growth, and is currently the premier activity online in regards to session time. With 6 out of 10 adults in the UK already spending a minimum of £50/month on online gambling1, MoneyGaming.com aims take a large share of this market with a much more fun and fair offering. There are already millions of internet searches per month relating the MoneyGaming.com offering – ranging from like ‘play backgammon online’, to ‘play chess for money’.

The worldwide market for online games will reach $9.8 billion in 2009, representing a 410% increase over 2003 revenue of $1.9 billion.2 With its unique blend of captivating games, betting availability and challenging nature, MoneyGaming.com is set to lead the growth of the online gaming market.

CEO of The Money Gaming Corporation Liad Shababo enthusiastically stated “Online gambling has clearly become part of everyday life; MoneyGaming.com gives players a more balanced option, whereby the better you play the more you will win.”
He went on to add “MoneyGaming.com essentially integrates all of the risk and adrenalin of online gaming, but in a skill-based, user friendly, safe and secure environment.

Blow away the competition in Battleships, pot black in pool, finish first in the crossword, or take the opponent to the cleaners in Connect 4! Just make sure you are the first to discover MoneyGaming.com, and be part of the fastest growing phenomenon in the gaming world!

MoneyGaming – Why Gamble, when you can play better and win?

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Notes to Editors
• MoneyGaming will officially launch on 10th June
• Website address – www.moneygaming.com
• MoneyGaming take between 2% and 10% of the total prize money for facilitating the game
• Please contact OutinPR to arrange website access and complementary vouchers to play with
• Interviews with CEO Liad Shababo are available upon request
• MoneyGaming will be running a number of promotions and competitions. Please contact us for opportunities

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