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TibuRon Batidas – just like having an award winning mixologist in your fridge!

We all love a good cocktail, but most of us lack the patience and skill to make one ourselves. With budgets tightening, going bar-hopping for an exotic (and expensive) cocktail is becoming increasing difficult to justify. TibuRon Batidas (Brazilian for ‘cocktails’) are a range of award-winning, ready-to-serve cocktails to be enjoyed with your friends in the comfort of your home!

Available in three exotic rum-based varieties, TibuRon Mango and TibuRon Pomegranate are made from 30% of the finest fruit juice, whilst TibuRon Coconut contains real fruit. There’s no need for shakers and stirrers; pour over ice, sit back and sip away. At just 14.7% abv, the Batidas also meet increasing consumer demand for lighter drinking options, whilst the rum flavour is unique for the sector and takes advantage of the rising interest in the spirit.

Uniquely for a drink with such an accessible price (just £6.49), the range has received some prestigious awards. TibuRon Mango recently won a Silver Medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2008, whilst TibuRon Coconut achieved a Bronze Medal (TibuRon Pomegranate had not been developed in time to enter).

So get your friends round, your freezer full of ice and your TibuRon Batidas at the ready. Now that we can have award-winning cocktails at home, staying-in is definitely the new going out!

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Editors notes:

• TibuRon Batidas will be widely available from Budgens, Londis and all good drinks retailers nationwide for £6.49/50cl bottle from September

• Also available online from

• TibuRon Batidas are made by Toorank Distilleries in Holland. Toorank Distilleries have proved to be one of the most successful entrants at the IWSC in recent times, with 33 awards in the last 3 years.

For further information/images/samples please contact Pritesh at Outin Consulting:

Tel: 020 8432 6969